Community Pantry

Community Pantry

All are welcome to access our community pantry on Monday mornings from 10am to 1pm in St Laurence Chuch, Brundall. Bring a bag and fill it with what we have on offer. Open to anyone who has a need.

If you'd like to donate to the pantry, please make a financial donation via our link on the  'Donations & Giving' page (please indicate it is for Community Pantry), or you can leave your offerings in the church extension. Currently we are most in need of: -

Tinned veg (peas, carrots potatoes etc (not beans or pulses) ~ Tinned pies ~ Tinned meats that can be used to make a meal (mince, steak, lamb, Frankfurters, ham, burgers etc) ~ Tinned spaghetti, beans with sausages ~ Breakfast cereals (not porridge oats) ~ Jams and spreads ~ Tinned Fruit ~ Tinned Custard, Rice Puddings, Tinned cream or evaporated milk ~ Packets of biscuits and KitKat, Penguins etc ~ Tea bags, Coffee, soft drinks such as squash or juice ( bottled or in cartons) granulated sugar (no more long-life milk at the moment) ~ washing powder/liquid ~ washing up liquid ~ shampoo ~ conditioner ~  shower gel ~ toothpaste and brushes ~ Hand wash ~ Cat and Dog food ~ toilet rolls, Packets of two or four please. Bags of white long-grain rice (not pasta or pasta sauces for now)


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