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Brundall Church

St Laurence Church   Brundall Church                                                                                                                                                

This has been a place of Christian worship for many hundreds of years. The present Church building dates back to about 1250, but it has been altered and extended many times through the centuries.                                                                                         

The Church once had a thatched roof and on the east face of the bell turret the marks of the original roof are still visible. The bell is dated 1778. The walls were extended upwards when the present roof was built, hence the rows of brickwork at the top of the south wall.                                                                                                  

The north aisle was added in 1900 and at the same time much of the present furniture including the pews and pulpit was installed. The chancel arch also dates from this time and the Rood Screen was added about 12 years later.

The figures above the rood screen were designed and made by a former resident of Brundall, John Rowbottom of the Norwich School of Art and dedicated in 1959, in memory of Duncan MacNaughton-Jones and Mina Groves. The extension at the back of the church was added as a Sunday School room in the early 1960s but is now used mainly for extra seating at big services.


The Font                                                                                                                             






There are thought to be about 26 lead covered fonts in England and this is thought to be the only one in Norfolk. It dates from the late 13th century and is unique in showing images of the crucifixion around the outside.

The Windows                                                                                                                        

The West window (which was moved to its present position when the church was extended) was installed in 1881 in memory of an earlier Rector. The East window was inserted in 1903 by the Patron and his wife in memory The small round window in the centre of the North aisle was given to the then Rector in 1957. It is seventeenth century Flemish glass and depicts St Laurence.


The Clock                                                                                                                                   

The clock is thought to be about 200 years old and may once have hung in a local pub to remind drinkers of the time. It is now used to discourage long sermons!

St Laurence                                                                                                                               

The Church is dedicated to St Laurence who according to legend was martyred by being tied to a grid-iron and burned over a fire. There is a small brass of him on the north wall of the chancel.

The Churchyard                                                                                                                    

The churchyard also reflects the growth of Brundall in the twentieth century, most of the graves being quite recent. There are two “War Graves” and Esther Read, who gave her name to the flower is also buried here.


The Church today                                                                                                                   

Today the church is used daily for prayer and services and is the focus of much of the church life and activity of the village. In the last century when there were fewer people in Brundall the church could easily accommodate them all. Now the church is far too small. There are usually five services every Sunday. There are activities for children and young people, and excellent choir at the evening service. The church also organises numerous midweek activities for all ages.                                

The Church is open every day, during daylight hours.