Yare Valley Churches

Discipleship Groups

Growing In Faith Together

Yare Valley Churches want to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to join one of our GIFT groups. We are ordinary people who meet together in group; to Pray together, to offer Pastoral care and support each other, to explore God's Word together and to bear Witness in the World by striving to apply what we learn to our daily lives. It can be a difficult, lonely and daunting journey on your own, but GIFT groups offer us the chance to meet with others who are travelling the same spiritual road and to walk with them. Group members are often at different stages of this journey, but together we learn from each other, and support and encourage each other along the way.

We have several GIFT groups which meet in the village at different times, daytime and evening, on different days and with different frequency - either weekly or fortnightly, so we can offer a time to suit everyone.

If you would like to find out more about our GIFT groups, or if you would like to join a GIFT group please speak to Gaye (GIFT Group Co-ordinator) 01603 720875 or Peter (Rector) 01603 715136