Yare Valley Churches


Patchwork congregation is intended for families - adults and children – who join together for ‘fun, food and creative worship‘.

We meet every Sunday at 4.30pm in the St Laurence Centre adjacent to Brundall Church.


There is a very warm welcome as children and adults arrive, relax with a drink, a plate of food and have time to mingle and catch up.                          

There is a happy buzz of conversation as everyone joins in with creative activities or quizzes [children often need to help the adults!].                

A central theme runs through the session which links all the activities to a story from the Bible, there is time for a short talk and prayer.

The afternoon finishes with the children joining in a fun song with the adults.

Everyone finds there is plenty of time to circulate and chat. Nobody seems to want to rush away at the end.

Why not come along and give it a try?